I really want to insult people but then I realise I’ll sound like a bitch so I don’t.
— A life story 
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i just heard a bouncing noise and then that was followed by my dad saying
"oh no my potato"

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Be cruel to me 
'cause I'm a fool for you



"What Disney Characters ALMOST Looked Like”

Concept art is my favorite

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pros of dating me

  • you can hold my hand whenever you want
  • you can cuddle with me whenever you want
  • you can kiss me whenever you want

cons of dating me

  • i get jealous easily
  • i’m sad a lot
  • i will never feel good enough for you no matter how many times you tell me i am


do you ever sit in school like i know the answer to that questions but i’m not saying it because this class is pissing me off

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Home Alone (1990, Comedy) Two burglars attempt to murder an abandoned 8-year-old child

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why are you so shy
— literally the dumbest question to ask a shy person ever (via n-ephthys)
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